Stick To Your New Years Resolutions With Healthy Options at Nana’s

New year, new you! Whether you’re a strict believer in New Years resolutions or the thought doesn’t cross your mind, it’s always a time to reflect on your lifestyle and have a fresh start for the months ahead. Eating healthier is a common resolution that we may have on our minds all year round. If you’re looking to kick off the year with a new and improved diet, or just make healthier choices in general, Nana’s Family Mexican Kitchen & Cantina is here for you!

Our menu includes a large variety of authentic Mexican dishes for any type of diet. We offer vegetarian and vegan options, gluten and dairy-free meals, and can accommodate allergies. For those of you who want to continue enjoying the experience of eating out but are looking for healthier options this New Year, we’ve got you covered. There’s no need to sacrifice the social aspect of dining out while on a diet!

Mexican food is packed with protein and vitamin-rich vegetables—it’s the extra stuff that will impair your diet regime. Avoid meals such as nachos, quesadillas and tortas that include lots of cheese and carbohydrates. When you strip down your meal to meats, rice and veggies, you’re eating great without sacrificing all the flavors! It may sound like the ultimate sacrifice, but cutting out cheese and sour cream will make a huge impact in the calorie count of your meal. With so many other flavors and textures, you’ll learn to not even miss these ingredients.

Those margaritas sure are tempting, but an alcoholic beverage can have as many calories as your appetizer. Drink in moderation to avoid extra calories that are all too easy to consume unknowingly.

Join us at Nana’s Family Mexican Kitchen & Cantina for a healthy meal this New Year!


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