The Hennchata: A Nana’s Drink Sensation

Every experience at Nana’s Family Mexican Restaurant and Cantina is one you’ll savor and want to share. That is especially true when it comes to Nana’s signature cocktails. While you can enjoy a variety of fruity margaritas from one of Nana’s two full-sized bars, or alongside your meal at a table, there are delicious adventures to be had with other craft cocktails.

One you should certainly sample is our house made now-classic Mexican cocktail, the Hennchata. Mixing the traditional Latin American rice beverage, horchata, with the rich, buttery spirit from France’s Cognac region, Hennessey, the Hennchata offers something special to any palate.

The Hennchata was created by bartender Jorge Sanchez when he took over a dive bar in downtown San Jose, called Chacho’s. The bar launched the cocktail in February 2013.

According to a news report, “Sanchez was looking to create a cocktail that would remain traditional to the Mexican culture but also reach the rapidly growing bilingual, bicultural hipster generation.” He certainly found a winner with the Hennchata.

A Hennchata is more than just any old mixed cocktail – it includes a somewhat special technology to enjoy. The horchata is poured over ice in a thick glass, which is then topped with a patented L-shaped device to support the upside-down, airline-sized bottle of Hennessy French brandy. The spirit then gradually distributes itself into the glass to create a unique sipping experience that transitions in flavors as the alcohol infuses the beverage.

The sweet notes of the horchata rice beverage mix well with the smooth, buttery flavors in Hennessy V.S. At Nana’s Family Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, we find that the Hennchata is equally enjoyable on its own as well as alongside the bites and meals you can order at our Mexican restaurant on Queen Anne. The beverage is particularly delicious with some of our spicy and salty dishes, since the creamy sweetness of the drink rounds out these flavors.



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