Horchata: Mexico’s Milkshake

Eat something spicy and need to wash it down? Looking for a drink on the menu for the kids? Want something refreshing to pair with your meal, or something sweet for dessert? We know just the drink to nail all these circumstances: horchata.

This Latin American beverage is one of our house favorites. Horchata is the name for a few types of traditional beverages generally made from rice milk and cinnamon with variations including vanilla, sesame seeds, tigernuts, almonds, sugar, and various spices. Its proper name, “orxata,” is Catalan for barley, which is what the drink was originally made with. Different variations of ingredients and preparations can be found throughout different countries and regions—some recipes call for milk while others can be made lactose-free. In Mexico, horchata is made of rice milk and cinnamon, which is usually how it’s found throughout the United States.

At Nana’s Mexican Kitchen, we make our horchata in-house the traditional Mexican way with rice milk, sweetened milk, cinnamon and vanilla. We serve it chilled or over ice, but the beverage can also be served warm. It’s perfect for washing down something spicy, for the kids, for dessert, or simply to enjoy on its own.

Want to add a little kick to your horchata? We serve up some awesome horchata-based boozy beverages to crank it up a notch. Our Horchata Agua Caliente adds Fireball and tequila for a delicious cinnamon cocktail. Our Hennchata is horchata spiked with Hennessy V.S. served in a big mason jar. These milky, soothing cocktails are hard to come by and can’t be found at just any bar in Seattle—come give them a try at Nana’s!

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