16 Refreshing Drinks To Try This Summer

Cheers to summertime! Nana’s vibrant patio is a summer paradise in the heart of upper Queen Anne, perfect for unwinding after work and enjoying happy hour in the sun. Our goal is to make you feel like you’re on vacation in Mexico when you dine with us, and we guarantee there’s no other place in Seattle quite like Nana’s. Join us for a mini-vacation on the colorful patio this summer and be sure to try one of these refreshing beverages to beat the heat:

  • Pomegranate Mojito – You can never go wrong with a mojito. We make this one with white rum, pomegranate juice, lime, mint and a splash of limon soda.
  • La Hermosa – A smoothie with a twist. Strawberry and banana blended with rum and pineapple juice.
  • Margarona – It’ll make you feel like you’re on a Mexican beach! We spike our house margarita with hibiscus agua fresca and a bottle of Corona.
  • El Diablo – This sweet and spicy cocktail is made with blueberry and aloe juice, tequila, mint and Serrano chile.
  • MEGArita – Our house margarita spiked with hibiscus agua fresca. Add a Grand Marnier Cadillac kicker for extra oomph!
  • Hibiscus Amore Mojito – Hibiscus agua fresca, mint, lime, coconut rum and tequila.
  • Un Beso – Tamarind agua fresca, mango juice and coconut rum.
  • Horchata Agua Caliente – Our cinnamon horchata with a punch of Fireball and tequila.
  • Romero y Juliette – A love story in a glass with rosemary infused gin, hibiscus agua fresco and strawberry puree.
  • Abuela Dora – Aloe and guava juice, light rum, mango juice and a dark rum float.
  • Nana’s Margarita – Our house margarita served blended or on the rocks.
  • Viva Mezcal! – Vida Mezcal, coconut water, agua fresco and Timarind.
  • Hennchata – Horchata served in a mason jar spiked with Hennessy V.S.
  • Caballero Michelada – Tecate, camoronazo, Cholula hot sauce and pepper.
  • Agua fresca – This non-alcoholic beverage is home made with the finest ingredients: hibiscus flower and tamarind fruit made with agave nectar for a refreshing twist on your agua.
  • Horchata – Home made traditional Mexican style with rice milk, sweetened milk, cinnamon and vanilla. Mix traditional Horchata with Hennessey, and you have a Hennchata.

Which one (or two) do you want to try? Join us this summer at Nana’s and soak up the sun while sipping your delicious Mexican beverage!

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